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Team: Our Team

Principal Investigator

Tedrick Thomas Salim Lew

Assistant Professor (Presidential Young Professorship)

Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 

National University of Singapore


M.Eng., Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London

M.S., Chemical Engineering, MIT

Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, MIT


Cansu Sevencan
Post-Doctoral Fellow

B.Eng., Yildiz Technical University, 2015
Ph.D., National University of Singapore, 2020

Sivamathini Rajappa.jpg

Sivamathini Rajappa
Post-Doctoral Fellow

B.Tech, Anna University, 2014
M.Tech, National Inst. of Technology Trichy, 2016

Ph.D., National University of Singapore, 2021

Di Shen.jpg

Di Shen
Post-Doctoral Fellow

B.Eng., East China University of Science and Technology, 2018
Ph.D., Zhejiang University, 2023


Suppanat Puangpathumanond
Ph.D. Researcher
B.Eng., National University of Singapore, 2023

Zhao Yue.JPG

Zhao Yue
Ph.D. Researcher

B.Sc., Jilin University, 2023


Yao Xiaomin
Visiting Ph.D. Student

B.Sc., Xinzhou Teachers University, 2018
Ph.D., Beijing Forestry University, ongoing

Yuliang Li.jpg

Li Yuliang
Visiting Ph.D. Student

B.Sc., Nanjing Agricultural University, 2020
Ph.D., Nanjing University, ongoing


Calvin Thenarianto
Research Engineer

B.Eng., Nanyang Technological University, 2023

Liu Yuyang.jpg

Liu Yuyang
MSc. Student
B.Eng., Northwestern Polytech. University, 2023

Qi Fang.jpg

Qi Fang
MSc. Student
B.Eng., Zhengzhou University, 2016

Feng Jiaxin.jpg

Feng Jiaxin
3+1+1 MSc. Student
B.Eng., Zhejiang University of Technology, ongoing


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